How to Lose Weight Fast at Home: Easy Exercises to Drop Pounds Where You Live

Looking for a couple of easy exercises to lose weight without leaving the house? I want to share with you how to lose weight fast at home so you can drop a few extra pounds right now. Maybe you don't have the time to work out regularly. Or maybe you're saying to yourself "I need help losing weight," but you're not yet comfortable with working out in front of others. I for one do not need to look very far to find excuses to not get in the car to the gym.

There are a lot of exercises to do at home to lose weight that are really easy to integrate into your daily life. Keep in mind that the only way you're going to drop a pound is by burning more calories than you eat. So, you want to burn every calorie you can. You can lose weight at home. And here's how: 

\"I Need Help Losing Weight\"

  1. Watch TV: Yes, you can lose weight by watching TV. Every time a commercial comes on you have the potential to fill that time with a few quick exercises to drop a few calories. Try jumping jacks, jump rope, push ups, sit ups, running in place. You could even go as far as replacing the recliner with a stationary bike or treadmill.

  2. 5 minute house cleaning: This one has the added benefit of helping keep a tidy home as well! You're not going for a deep clean here. You just want to keep moving. Give yourself 5 minutes. Set a timer and start cleaning.

  3. Sex: Yes, you can burn quite a few calories by having sex. Burn even more by being an active partner. Have fun all in the name of burning calories!

  4. Toothbrush squats: Every time you brush your teeth you could be burning a few more calories. Stand with your legs shoulder width apart. Slowly dip your tush down as if you are having a seat. Once your legs reach about a 90 degree angle, push your body back upright. If you have one of those fancy electronic toothbrushes then you likely have a built-in timer. But a solid 60 seconds of squatting toothbrushes will not only build a few more calories but tighten up your leg muscles as well.

  5. Counter top push ups: While you are fixing yourself healthy recipes for weight loss for dinner, you could burn a few extra calories by simply doing a few push ups. Just position yourself so that you can put your hands on the counter and let your body down in a push up position at chest level. The slower you lower your body the harder the workout. Try these before and after you prepare the meal.

How to Lose Weight Fast at Home: Easy Exercises to Drop Pounds Where You Live
How to Lose Weight Fast at Home: Easy Exercises to Drop Pounds Where You Live

The best way I know of how to lose weight fast at home is just trying to making normal activities a bit more active. If you want more great tips to lose weight you might want to grab a FREE copy of 'The Digest". Its your quick-start weight loss blueprint. Get it for free here: